Exciting Bathroom Trends to Watch Out for This 2019

Welcome to 2019! With the new year come new trends in bathroom design. If you’ve been itching to do a bathroom renovation, you’re in the right place. The year 2019 has a lot to offer in terms fresh, new, exciting design ideas, but our most beloved trends (watch out for tons of brass and gold accents) from decades ago are also making their comeback this year. And a few ones (like wood and marble) from the past years will remain solid favorites in 2019.

We asked 16 interior designers, real estate experts, and home improvers to tell us all about the hottest bathroom-design trends in 2019, and they didn’t disappoint. Check out all the latest vogues on bathroom design you can use to use on your renovation.

Warm Look with Brass Fixtures and Natural Wood

Kate Franklin-Beccarelli, ASID, Gatling Design

With a BFA in interior design from the Design Institute of San Diego and over ten years of design experience, Kate Franklin-Beccarelli has transformed many houses into her clients’ dream homes. Beccarelli is the senior designer and project manager of the award-winning design firm Gatling Designs. Her expertise includes design and residential construction, tile and hard surface design, color selection, and kitchen design.

2019 will continue to build upon the trends we saw starting in 2018. Clients are looking for more warmth in the bathroom bringing in warm brass fixtures in both faucetry and lighting. Wood continues to bring in a natural element in cabinetry. Advances in porcelain technology also allow for an authentic wood look floor with the maintenance of tile. Stone look porcelain is also hot, allowing for the look of natural stone but at more accessible price points. Matte black finishes in faucetry are another element to be on the lookout for.

Spa-like Vibe Using Standout Fixtures and Mirrors, Shiplap Walls, and Concrete Counters

Kelly Anne Sohigian, kellydesigns

Award-winning designer Kelly Anne Sohigian is the creative mind behind kellydesigns. Sohigian has 15 years of fashion industry experience (6 years managing the $22 million Christian Dior men’s neckwear business) and 15-plus years in residential real estate.

Sohigian is part of the exclusive 3 percent of professionals listed in Houzz who were awarded the prestigious Best of Houzz Award. And she’s had it for five consecutive years, from 2013 to 2017.

Trends for bathrooms in 2019 will show the use of marble slabs for walls and shower floors with invisible drains, to create a seamless look. Another trend will be the use of all the same tile to make a real impact and statement. The continued use of other materials to make a truly unique bathroom, things like shiplap walls or concrete counters will still be strong in 2019. Light fixtures and mirrors that are not just for bathrooms, but rather make a spectacular statement. And lastly, hardware that stands out as adornment not just simple function. All of these look to make a spa-like environment which is what people want for their bathrooms.

Goodbye, Divisions! Hello, Open, Airy Bathroom Space

Meghan Browne,

Twice a recipient of NKBA kitchen design award, Meghan Browne works as a design associate at Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen and Bath, where she facilitates the completion of every aspect of the design project and ensures that they meet the client’s expectations. Browne’s designs have appeared several times on the digital edition of Kitchen and Bath Business.

No more curbs or shower doors! We’re keeping the shower more open to the rest of the bathroom by making the shower floor level with the rest of the bathroom floor and keeping it open with just a single glass panel as a partition. This can make a small bathroom feel large, open and airy without expanding the footprint.

Mixing in warm wood materials. A teak shower floor, wood feature wall or a Japanese soaking tub add unexpected warmth to a bathroom. Teak is such a versatile material pairing beautifully with an ultra-modern bathroom design or a vintage-inspired tile.

Let the Natural Light In


Kravelv contains a wealth of information and tips on building the home of your dreams. The blog offers solutions and tips for small living spaces, interior design, and home maintenance. is listed in Feedspot’s Top 100 Home Improvement Blogs and Website to Follow in 2019.

Let there be light. Lots of it! For me, [the] bathroom is a place you want to release your stress and want to feel relaxed. Having a spacious bathroom is a plus but letting the natural light is a bliss. We should admit it, when we are exposed to natural light, we tend to be calmer and happy. It is said in certain studies (just google it :) ) that sunlight helps produce the “happy” hormone serotonin, now who wouldn’t want to be happy?!

Trendy Tiles with a Classic Spin

Diana Elizabeth Steffen, Diana Elizabeth

Diana Elizabeth Steffen started her career as a red-carpet reporter and ghostwriter at E! before she moved back to Phoenix, Arizona, and wrote for The Arizona Republic.

In 2006, she opened her own graphic design boutique then she came to love photography in 2010. She started to blog about her work as a photographer and later, branched out to other creative pursuits—one of which is home decor.

Her work in home decoration and personal home renovation projects has lead to collaborations with the Home Depot and Ballard Designs and a feature in HGTV Magazine and Apartment Therapy.

I’m currently under construction at my own home and we are adding a 3/4 bath so I’ve been asking myself the same question! There are bathroom trends that are going into 2019 and it doesn’t mean you have to do them all, but the great news is that you can pick one and feel like your bathroom is updated! Hexagon shaped tile is still popular, and splash screens with a grid (with no door) are popular—I’m adding one myself. I’m loving the pink tile look, if it’s a small bathroom and you can get away with it, and for subway tile lovers, turning the tile vertical and stacked in a row vertically is a different spin on a classic look. Also floor to ceiling tile is an impactful look.

Luxurious Wallpapers, the Midas Touch, and Eye-Catching Bathroom Furniture

Pamela O’Brien, Pamela Hope Designs

A proponent of good design for all, Pamela O’Brien is the founder and principal designer of Pamela Hope Designs. O’Brien discovered her for design early at 12 years old, and by 21, she had lived in Europe to soak in the continent’s art and culture.

Upon her return, she trained under a renowned Manhattan designer and author and studied at Harvard Graduate School of Design. In 1999, she started Pamela Hope Designs, and she has completed hundreds of design projects mostly in the Greater Houston area.

Here are her thoughts for 2019 trends:

Custom mirrors—at Pamela Hope Designs we love adding great mirrors to bathrooms. An interesting mirror with a great shape or a colorful or textured frame is an instant upgrade to any bathroom. When we are tight on space, we work with favorite frame shop. We can easily make odd sizes—very narrow, very wide or very tall mirrors that will complement the style and décor of the bathroom.

Wallpaper—we hardly even consider doing powder rooms without wallpaper these days. The looks are endless and with the wide variety of papers available, there are price points for nearly anyone. Since powder rooms are usually small, this can be a touch of luxury at a lower cost than papering a large room.

Interesting vanities—there are so many vanities today that selecting a design is really fun. We always consider storage too and if the client opts for an open concept vanity, we make sure to have a small piece of furniture or items like baskets or shelves available to corral bathroom necessities.

Steam showers—we are having more clients request steam showers. I recently learned that they use very little water and have many health benefits. They provide an in-home spa experience for pennies per use.

Touch or all gold and brass—many of our clients at Pamela Hope Designs are opting for the Midas Touch in the bath. No matter what we design for the rest of the house, clients are enjoying adding gold or brass light fixtures, hardware and plumbing in at least one bathroom—often the powder room.

Stone and tile accent walls—this trend has added a lot of style to walls behind freestanding tubs and is practical too. Rather than worrying about splashing sheetrock, paint or wallpaper, tile and stone walls do fine with a few drops here and there.

Wood or wood look tiles—we’ve done several bathrooms recently where the clients continued porcelain plank flooring right into the bathrooms. Porcelain planks can look great on the shower walls too!

Long-Lasting Beautiful Design, Trendy Finishes, and Safety Features

Jonathan Faccone, Halo Homebuyers

Jonatan Faccone is the founder and owner of Halo Homebuyers, a Christian real estate solutions provider located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, and in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Faccone specializes in real estate investment and redevelopment. His business, Halo Homebuyers, has been operating since 2011, and upon accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, it was given a rating of highest rating of A+.

Homeowners that are spending large sums of money on bathroom renovations not only desire a beautiful contemporary space, but are also planning for the long run. This trend will continue strong in 2019, as people will still want the trendy finishes: whites and grey color tones along with nickel hardware and upgraded shower heads. They will also plan for safety features as they get older such as re-configuring for larger showers, installing bench seating where possible, and planned out areas for safety bars if needed in the future.

Brass Fixtures in Rose Gold, Avocado and Pink Resurgence, and Minimalist Vanities

Diana Hathaway, Diana Hathaway

Lifestyle writer, color expert, and interior designer Diana Hathaway specializes in eclectic, modern and contemporary, industrial, glam, traditional, cottage, coastal, and rustic designs. Hathaway is passionate about colors and feng shui, and she balances both in her designs to come with something original and one of a kind.

Hathaway’s works have been featured in several home decor publications, including HGTV’s FrontDoor, The Spruce, Better Homes & Gardens, HuffPost, and Reader’s Digest. She’s also the author of the book Sell Your Home without Losing Your Zen, which is “an essential guide for stressed-out home sellers.”

Avocado and pink are making a resurgence in sanitary ware such as baths, basins and toilets. Brassware is offering many more metallic shades such as rose gold which is showing no sign of slowing down. Bathrooms are looking a lot more streamlined. Previously everyone wanted lots of storage which led to bulky items such as vanity units but these are being replaced with paired down, minimalist vanity units that add a contemporary sophistication to an en suite.

The Ultimate Spa Experience with Cozy, Monogrammed Robes and Towels

René Dekker, René Dekker Designs

High-end London-based interior designer René Dekker has over 25 years of experience in luxury and interior design. He has been listed as one of the premier interior designers in the UK in several magazines, including Coveted and Town and Country House. Dekkers was awarded the KBB Bathroom Designer of the Year in 2008 and 2015, and his designs have been nominated in several awards.

Monogramming has long been a tradition, but in 2019 we’ll see this stylish trend become bigger and better than ever. New bath items from robes to cozy towels are being offered with a variety of unique monogramming styles and colors. These monograms will be a popular addition for an ultimate spa experience in the master bathroom, as well as a nice touch for visitors in a guest bathroom.

A Rustic Appeal Featuring Brass Sinks, Farmhouse Design, Euro Glass Shower Doors

Karin Sun, Crane and Canopy

CEO and founder of Crane and Canopy, Karin Sun studied business at Harvard Business School. She started Crane and Canopy, then a small collection of duvet covers, in 2012. Now her company provides a wide range of top-quality luxury bedding and bath linens, with attractive designs. Crane and Canopy has been featured on Forbes for its innovative designer linens at affordable prices.

In reference to 2019 bathroom trends, there are a few that are extremely popular and consistent. Hammered brass sink basins are very popular with the Colorado Western feel. Many of these are accompanied by the farmhouse design. We have installed countless farmhouse sinks and they are a hit. One design that is almost a must at this point is the euro glass shower doors. They contour a shower pedestal perfectly and are often accompanied by a poor in shower base. Normal doors are also taking a back seat. Our clients opt in for a sliding barn door. You would think that privacy would be a concern but the rustic appeal of a barn door supersedes all concerns.

Clean and Simple with an Overall Lux Spa-like Feel

Brody Coe, Martin Homes LLC

Brody Coe is the operations coordinator of Martin Homes LLC, a custom home builder that has in business for more than 13 years and has completed around 10 custom homes in 2018 alone. Coe has extensive hands-on experience with bathroom remodels.

As a custom home builder here in the Midwest, we are seeing clients want to keep things simple and clean. Mixing textures and metals is still a popular choice. Ultimately our clients want a clutter-free, high-end spa feel. Our most recent home was a hit with marble, oil over bronze, wood look floors and a bit of gold accents. This home was designed and build by River Tree Contracting & Design.

A Deluxe Vibe with Sleek Black and White Marble and Glass Mirrors

Ashley Key, River Tree

Ashley Key works as a real estate professional at River Tree Contracting, a Missouri-based family-owned business that provides construction and design services, including bathroom design and remodels, kitchen remodeling, basement remodels, and home additions. Key is part of the dedicated and highly skilled team behind River Tree.

All marble everything. Black and white marble never goes out of style and can be molded into any design. This durable and beautiful element can play as an accent wall like the one we used in our Meadow Brush project. Our contemporary, all white bathroom design needed some complexity, so we decided to insert a black and white marble into the shower as a backdrop. The glass mirrors allowed the reflection of the marble to encompass the room and give it a feeling of luxury and depth without darkening the room too much.

Soft, Delicate Colors for Comfort and Relaxation

Tracy Lynn, Tracy Lynn Studio

Tracy Lynn is the founder and lead designer of Tracy Lynn Studio. She started her designing career in 2002 when she took charge of the renovation of her home. Not long after, she stater Style on a Shoestring, her own design firm, and hired top design talent to form the creative team behind the firm. Style on a Shoestring grew and transitioned to Tracy Lynn Studio, a high-end design firm based in San Diego.

Ditch dull white and beige. What is almost as bad as bubblegum blue and 1960’s peach for the color of bathroom walls? Glaring white and dull beige. Homeowners must view bathrooms as oases, or sanctuaries, for the body. Nothing is more off-putting and uncomfortable than the neglected space where the most personal and intimate of tasks are performed.

The same amount of time and effort put into designing a family room or dining room should be implemented in the bathroom, as well. With this in mind, paint color can make or break a bathroom. The goal is to create a calm and inviting atmosphere. White walls reflect light in a way that causes eye sensitivity, and beige is often viewed as the “easy way out.”

Choose soft and delicate colors for small bathrooms. It is no secret that dark and overly vibrant colors (such as neons) cause a room to appear smaller than it actually is. If your bathroom lacks space, choose colors that are bright and beautiful: sunshine yellow, blush pink, light green, eggshell white, etc. Not only will your bathroom feel more expansive, but you will also capture the oasis essence every bathroom needs. Remember to stick with one or two colors.

Another way to cause a small bathroom to appear smaller is with clutter. Too many bright colors shrink visible space and result in this chaotic atmosphere. If you happen to be a rule breaker and wish to create an edge to your bathroom with bold colors, ensure you have proper lighting (white light works best), sheer window fixtures (if there are windows), and a paint color that contrasts with your bathroom fixtures.

Bold, Attractive Design Using Florals, Rich Colors, Jewel Tones, and Fearless Patterns

Sophie Kaemmerle, NeighborWho

Sophie Kaemmerle is a communications manager at NeighborWho, a real estate business that helps buyers find their ideal homes and other properties. Kaemmerle is a writer and an expert on home and neighborhood safety. She has shared her tips on several blogs, including Taste of Home, We Magazine for Women, and Mom Blog Society.

2019 will bring boldness and vibrancy. We will see more comfort in the mix, from plush carpets, to velvety couches. We will also see a lot of natural elements, florals, and a deeper richness that is sure to wow the senses!

A few top things to look for in 2019: floral fabrics, bold wallpaper and high gloss paints, darker cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, lots of vibrant jewel tones, fearless patterns—mix it up, metals will come into play—matched with soft comfort, sustainable/handmade pieces, acrylic furniture, all white with pops of BOLD colors—contrast will be huge, velvet furniture, less pink, more curves—think mid-century; round, ovals, sectionals, and curved back chairs, and a lot more terrazzo.

Another trend to watch for is how furniture will be utilized. For instance, there will be a lot more functional and multifunctional furniture. You’ll see custom closet units used as living room shelving and entertainment centers, and chairs with drinking tables attached. It’s all about creativity and maximizing space.

And finally, rose gold is going to make an exit to make room for Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral! However, this should not limit you in your design plan, because bold in general seems to be where decor trends are heading in 2019.

Marble Everywhere

Marty Basher,

Marty Basher is a home organization expert at Modular Closets, a provider of top-quality, affordable closets. Basher has been featured in several blogs, including Motherly, Hot Spring Life & Home, Mom Trends, and InFluential Magazine.

In 2019 and beyond, we predict that marble bathrooms will grow in popularity.

More and more homeowners are not only opting for marble vanities, but marble tub surrounds, backsplash, and floors to match. While the last couple of years have brought us plenty of new surface materials that mimic the beauty of marble (both engineered quartz and natural quartzite are often compared to marble), we’ve noticed that homeowners increasingly lean toward natural stone. Man-made products simply can’t replicate the natural veining and translucent warmth that comes with a true, natural marble.

And fortunately, even though marble requires a bit more TLC to keep it looking beautiful, honed marble is perfectly suitable for a master bath. With basic care, a marble vanity or tub surround can be counted on for years, even decades, of service.

New Year, New Bathroom

Abby Sanders, Stone Interiors

As the marketing manager of Stone Interiors, Abby Sanders handles the exposure of the company and customer relations, as well as creates engaging and helpful content for its blog. Sanders expertise also includes project management, bathroom remodeling, interior painting, and asphalt shingle roofing.

Your bathroom is a haven, a place where you can unwind and wash away all the day’s worries. It’s hard to relax in place that’s uncomfortable, so it’s only natural that you build a bathroom a cozy space where you peacefully enjoy a warm bath and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and the events of the day. This 2019, build the bathroom of your dreams using the latest design trends mentioned above, and start every day with a fresh, positive outlook!

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