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How the Saniflo System Works

With the amazing SaniFlo systems, you can install a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room almost anywhere with minimal construction! Watch this quick video of how it all works.

Learn more about how a Saniflo macerating system will allow you to install a bathroom anywhere in your home

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All About Saniflo.

Let us guess: you want to put in a new toilet, but you don’t want to destroy your floors or spend your life savings on a plumber. Believe it or not, you’re not alone. Hundreds of people have been in your exact situation before, and many of them have turned to the Saniflo system for a solution.

Designed to make installing a new bathroom fast and easy, Saniflo toilets don’t require additional plumbing, major construction, or an ongoing headache for you.

Regardless of whether you're installing a new bathroom, retrofitting an old one, or even looking for a way to make a utility closet or basement into a fully-functional space, the Saniflo system is a highly effective, cost-efficient, and intelligent option.

Here’s what you need to know about why it works so well:

What is a Saniflo Toilet?

If you’ve ever heard of the Saniflo brand, you might know it’s one of the most reliable and trusted macerating units out there. Durable and established, the Saniflo brand offers a wide selection of products, including upflush toilets, macerating units, grinder pumps, RV and marine toilets, and even grey water pumps and condensate units.

Thanks to their affordable price tag and easy installation, Saniflo has quickly become the go-to for households that want to add an extra bathroom, expand an existing bathroom to include a shower and sink, or retrofit a closet into something much more functional, but don’t want to install insane plumbing to make it all work.

Eco-friendly, affordable, and simple to install, Saniflo offers simplicity, accessibility, and quality in one accessible, user-friendly package.

What’s to Love About Saniflo?

A Saniflo toilet, often also called an “Upflush toilet,” is a unique macerating toilet unit that discharges waste out the back, rather than down and into a primary plumbing stack. A system like this has many advantages, including but not limited to the following:


With a Saniflo system, it’s possible to install a new toilet virtually anywhere you can imagine. Whether you’re interested in adding a full bathroom to your attic, basement, or somewhere in between, the Saniflo macerating pump system makes it possible.

This is due, in large part, to the fact that the Saniflo system only requires enough space for a regular toilet, unlike other systems, which need at least 30” of clearance.


With a Saniflo system, there are dozens of great ways to save money. First of all, you don’t have to hire a plumber to come in and rip out your flooring.

Secondly, you can create a full bathroom anywhere you have space to do so, without the hassle of laying new pipes and worrying about complex pipe arrangements.


While a traditional bathroom will take weeks to create, a Saniflo system can be completely installed in just a day. In fact, most units only take 6-8 hours to install. This makes the Saniflo system an easy DIY option, even for those of us who aren’t journeymen plumbers in our spare time.


When you install a traditional bathroom, your only choice is to leave it behind if you sell the house and move later. With a Saniflo system, though, it’s possible to pick the system up and move it, which is ideal for times when your situation changes or you need to move the bathroom to a new area. In fact, the entire Saniflo unit only leaves four small holes when you remove it.

The History of the Upflush Toilet

The Saniflo system may sound new-age and exciting, but it’s actually a very old creation. Dating back at least 50 years, the Saniflo toilet is the natural evolution of the macerating toilet.

While many people confuse macerating toilets with composting toilets, the two systems are actually very different. While a composting system collects and composts waste, a macerating system discharges waste into a macerating unit, which grinds it up into a fine slurry.

From there, the pump moves the waste up or out the back of the unit, into the main stack of your plumbing. This is the functionality that makes it possible to install an upflush toilet in a basement or any other room that’s below the level of primary plumbing.

The Saniflo system is popular throughout Europe and similar places and has slowly made its way to prominence in the U.S. in recent years. And rightfully so: most people who install a Saniflo system save an average of $9,000in plumbing and installation costs. While Saniflo is best-known for its toilet systems, the brand also makes a variety of other products, including grey water pumps, grinders, condensate pumps , and more. The full line of products allows consumers to do anything from installing a bar to running the entire home on some of the larger macerator pumps.

Upgrade Your Bathroom: Get a Saniflo System

If you’ve been looking for a simple and streamlined way to improve the functionality of your bathroom, adding a Saniflo system is a great option. Affordable, easy to install, and available in a wide selection of models, makes, and features, Saniflo makes beautiful toilets and other systems designed to make any space in your home into a bathroom, bar, or utility closet.

While there are many different brands of macerating toilets out there, Saniflo stands out for its durability, quality, and commitment to approachability. Because of these things, Saniflo has emerged as a leader in the macerating toilet field and continues to churn out products that are as reliable as they are unique.

If you’re in search of a quality macerating pump, upflush toilet, or even a condensate removal pump, Saniflo is the brand to consider.

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