Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas

If you’re starting a remodel, you’ve probably got dozens of basement bathroom ideas floating around in your head.

In many ways, the basement bathroom is a project within a project.

Not only are you working to finish your basement, but you might also be adding or remodeling a bathroom that’s already there. It’s a big undertaking!

Luckily, it also offers a big payout in the end.

Hone your basement bathroom ideas or take advantage of a few of ours with the help of this post.

4 Ways to Trick Out Your Basement Bathroom

Whether you’re installing a half bathroom or going full hog, these unique ideas will ensure you come out of the process with a room you love.

1. Add a Full Vanity

Because basement bathrooms are typically small, and because the homeowners who install them are often focused on saving money, pedestal sinks have ruled for many years. Pedestal sinks stand just off the wall and have a smaller footprint than traditional vanities. What they don’t have, however, is storage.

Because of this, it’s worth considering installing a full vanity in your basement bathroom. Not only will this provide you with an area to store guest towels and bathroom essentials, but it’ll make the space feel more finished and thought-out, rather than like it’s an addition to the rest of your home.

2. Install Lighting on Each Side of the Mirror

Lighting is essential in any bathroom, and it’s especially true for a basement bathroom. Because these washrooms are unlikely to have natural light, as an above-ground bathroom might, the lighting is critical and can mean the difference between a dark, cave-like room, and one where you want to spend some time.

With this in mind, focus on the lighting in your bathroom. Follow these tips for the most flattering space possible:

  • Light the sides of the mirror. Avoid harsh shadows by installing lighting on both sides of the mirror, rather than above it. A pair of sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror will work well. By eliminating shadows, this lighting arrangement makes it easy to shave, apply makeup, and care for teeth without squinting.
  • Pay attention to wattage. As you install lighting in your basement bathroom, look for figures that offer 75-100 watts of illumination. Wattage equivalents include 24-26-watt compact fluorescent and 20-25-watt LED fixtures. Add a dimmer if you’d like to make the bathroom a more customizable and flattering place.
  • Add ambient light. Ambient light acts as fill light in a basement bathroom. With this in mind, add an ambient lighting fixture along the perimeter of your bathroom walls. This creates indirect lighting and makes the space feel warmer and more inviting.

3. Consider an Upflush Toilet

One of the biggest deterrents to adding a bathroom to the basement is the toilet. Installing plumbing is massively expensive and, unless your space is already roughed-in for a bathroom, it can add thousands to your overall remodel cost.

Luckily, there's an alternative: add an upflush toilet.

Upflush toilets, such as the Saniflo toilet system, utilize a macerator and pump to grind waste and then pump it up, against gravity, to your home’s main plumbing stack. Because of this design, they don’t require you to destroy your floors or lay down expensive pipes to install new plumbing. What’s more, you can hook your sink and shower up to the same system, creating a bathroom in what was once a closet, alcove, or unused space!

4. Go for Light Colors

Because basement bathrooms are notoriously lacking in light, adding a light or neutral coat of paint is a great idea. Perfect for brightening the space and making it feel larger and more open than it might otherwise, a nice light coat of paint will hide imperfections, reflect light, and ensure even the smallest basement bathroom feels spacious.

Keep this in mind as you purchase your fixtures and cabinets, as well.

Basement Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you’ve got our run-down of basement bathroom ideas, here are a few bathroom design mistakes to avoid as you bring your basement bathroom dream to life:

  • Adding paint, wainscoting, and trim after you add the toilet. These things will only be harder to do and do well after you install the toilet and vanity. With this in mind, these things should be the last additions to your bathroom. Paint, wainscoting, trim, and other near-finish elements should always come first.
  • Not taking advantage of your new plumbing. Now that you have a plumbing system in the basement use it! You may want to install a utility sink on the other side of the bathroom wet wall, for example. This gives you a place to wash muddy shoes, paint brushes, and anything else you don’t want to drag into the kitchen.
  • Not adding a window if you can. If it’s at all possible, consider adding a window to your basement bathroom. Not only will this improve the quality of light dramatically, but it’ll also offer some air circulation, which is essential in a damp space like the basement.
  • Install as much storage as possible. Your basement bathroom is an ideal place to store bulk items like paper towel and toilet paper. With this in mind, add as much additional storage as possible. This could mean a vanity, linen closet, or even some open shelving.

A Better Basement Bathroom Starts Here

Whether you’re adding a new basement bathroom or overhauling and remodeling an existing space, these basement bathroom tips can help ensure you wind up with a room you want to spend time in. By adding storage, a convenient upflush toilet system, ample lighting, and nice finishes, you’ll be able to create a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful - even though it’s all the way down in the basement! 

Need help finding the perfect basement toilet for your space? Contact Saniflo Depot today or browsing our extensive selection of upflush toilet systems.

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