The Five Best Basement Bathroom Pumps

The 5 Best Basement Bathroom Pumps

Looking for a new basement bathroom pump? Maybe you’re interested in a basement bathroom ejector pump or have an old basement bathroom pump you need to swap out for something new. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of great options on the market right now.

Here’s our list of the five best basement bathroom pumps on the market right now, and what you can look forward to with each.

Need a Basement Bathroom Pump? Here are 5 Great Options

Whether you’re installing a new bathroom or overhauling the one you already have, these five pumps are excellent options:

1. The Saniflo SaniGRIND PRO

 Basement Bathroom Pump 1 SaniBest Pro

If your mission is to install a full bathroom, the SaniGRIND Pro is an excellent choice. Designed to offer full plumbing functionality up to 25 feet below your sewer line and up to 150 feet from a soil stack, this pump can handle the output from your tub, shower, toilet, sink, and washing machine!

Unlike most other macerating pumps, the SaniGRIND Pro offers an actual grinding system. Because of this, it’s especially ideal for commercial buildings like offices or rental spaces, or high-traffic settings. It can process everything from sanitary napkins to dental floss without clogging, and virtually guarantees years of trouble-free functionality.

2. The Saniflo SaniACCESS2

 Basement Bathroom Pump 2 SaniAccess2

The Saniflo SaniACCESS2 Macerator Pump is one of the top-sellers in the Saniflo lineup. Designed to push waste vertically, against gravity, this basement bathroom pump allows you to install an additional bathroom as much as 15 feet below the sewer line. Like the SaniGRIND Pro, it’s also capable of pumping waste to a soil stack 150 feet away. All you need is access to electricity and water.

Particularly ideal as a replacement for an older pump, this package contains the macerating pump only. It’s also perfect for any setting where you need to remove gray water, as long as there’s sufficient gravity flow to the pump (at least ¼ of fall per foot). Complete with an extended 3-year warranty, this is a fantastic pump for virtually any application.

3. Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Pump

Basement Bathroom Pump 3 SaniPlus

The Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Pump is another pump that’s ideal for installing a full bathroom. Like the two other pumps on this list, it’s capable of establishing a complete bathroom up to 15 feet below a sewer line and 150 feet away from a soil stack and can handle the effluent from a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower.

Simple to install (and ideal for DIY projects), this macerator pump connects directly to the spigot of a horizontal rear discharge toilet. The pump features a pressure chamber, which is responsible for starting and stopping the unit. When you flush the toilet, the SaniPLUS activates the motor and macerates waste into a fine slurry. 

In addition to processing waste, the SaniPLUS also discharges gray water, which makes it ideal for a variety of uses.

4. The Saniflo SaniPACK Macerator

 Basement Bathroom Pump 4 SaniPack

The Saniflo SaniPACK Macerator is a simple and straightforward macerator device designed to be installed inside your wall cavity. Once installed, it allows you to add a complete bathroom as much as 9 feet below your main sewer line, and up to 100 feet from your soil stack. It’s perfect for handling the effluent from a toilet, sink, or shower.

Ideal for small spaces, the SaniPACK is designed for use with a wall hung toilet. Because the case is very shallow, it’s perfect for installation within the wall and makes for a very compact and streamlined system. 

5. The Saniflo SaniBEST Pro

Basement Bathroom Pump 5 SaniBest Pro

The Saniflo SaniBEST Pro is designed to pump vertically up to 25 feet and is capable of connecting to a washing machine, toilet, sink, shower, or bath. It’s easy to install, includes an alarm (designed to warn you if the water in the macerator is too high) and a descaler, which cleans and removes hard water deposits, so you don’t have to.

Perfect for installing your complete bathroom, this macerator can handle the gray water from your sink, bathtub, shower, and washing machine, as well as the waste from your toilet. The unit comes with an extended 3-year warranty and complete product registration.

Like most other macerating units, you can install this pump without digging up the floor, as you’d be required to do if you were adding a sump and a basement bathroom ejector pump. This means it’s a much less expensive alternative to adding traditional plumbing and is ideal for anyone looking for a DIY bathroom installation.

Finding the Right Pump for Your Basement Bathroom

While the five basement bathroom pumps listed above are all high-quality pieces, it’s important to remember that your choice of pump comes down to a few specific factors.

First of all, you’ll want to consider how much use your basement bathroom will really get. If it only serves as a guest bathroom, for example, or a storage space, you can opt for a pump built for lower traffic areas. The SaniPACK is a great option. Not only will this unit save you money, but it’ll prevent you from installing a huge pump you don’t truly need.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not you’re going to hook additional utilities to the pump, like a shower, sink, or tub. If so, you want a pump like the SaniGRIND Pro, which is capable of processing gray water easily and quickly, without clogging or getting bogged down.

Lastly, you’ll want to look at things like the warranty. While most Saniflo products come with a warranty, it’s essential to purchase an item with a warranty you feel comfortable with and protected by.

Still not sure which Saniflo basement pump is right for you? Contact our team today for help shopping our selection and finding the right match for you.

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