Top 80 Home DIY Blogs

Top 80 Home DIY Blogs

You can’t deny how practical it is to learn how to do your own work on your home, whether it’s to save money or to express your creativity. Getting a contractor can be too expensive, and the same applies to buying new furniture. That’s why more and more people are learning DIY methods for everything they can do around the house.

If you’ve just picked up on doing it yourself, then you’re probably looking for expert guides to help you follow along. Searching through Google will yield thousands and thousands of results which can be overwhelming. So we’ve made a list of the top home DIY blogs to save you from the mental overload.

Home Improvement, Crafts, and More

A home is a reflection of the people who own or live in it. A lovingly maintained home radiates the care and attention the dwellers put in it, and into each other. When the relationship between the dwellers deteriorates, the home gradually becomes messy, faded, and drab. These DIY bloggers will show you how to maintain your home, and how to fortify its foundations and the relationships within it.

Almost Makes Perfect

Instead of continuing to be frustrated by her inability to make perfect crafts, Molly Madfis made it her inspiration for the name of her blog, Almost Makes Perfect. Now her blog is one of the most followed DIY blogs on the internet. It’s been a finalist in Apartment Therapy's Best DIY Blog 2014, The Shorty Awards DIY category 2016, Bloglovin’ Award 2015 and 2016. And the blog has also been listed by Yahoo!, Better Homes & Gardens, Curbly, Domino, and Paste as one of the best do-it-yourself blogs to follow.

The minimalist theme, crisp photos, and assortment of do-it-yourself guides make it a favorite for online readers.

DIY Cozy Home

Run by blogger and avid DIYer Linda Jacobs, DIY Cozy Home specializes in different crafts that make a, well, cozy home. Linda enjoys hand-making home and holiday decorations and experimenting with essential oils and herbs to create homemade creams, ointments, and remedies, which she shares with all her readers. She also enjoys trying out new recipes she found from the web and telling her readers all about them.

DIY Cozy Home features Linda’s favorite tips, tricks, guides, tutorials, recipes, DIY projects, and design inspirations from all over the web, which you can try out for yourself.

Idle Hands Awake

You don’t have to be a DIY god or goddess to try your hand at it. DIY crafter, photographer, and blogger Marlene Sauer proves that in Idle Hands Awake. Her blog features DIY tutorials for all expert levels and offers resources and inspiration to get you out of your creative funk.

Learn to create your own accessories, holiday and party decors, furniture, and house things through step-by-step guides paired with amazing photos taken personally by Marlene. And if you’re one for costume parties, this blog also covers DIY costumes for your favorite fictional characters (e.g., Eleven from Stranger Things and Jimmy Jr. and Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burger). Enjoy the occasional cat photos too!

Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton describes herself as a “celebrant of life’s large little things,” but she’s also an accomplished writer, blogger, photographer, and speaker. Her first book, Bloom, became a New York Times best-selling memoir. Bloom chronicles Kelle’s first year with her daughter Nella, who was born with special needs.

Her self-named blog began in 2007 as place to talk about motherhood. It has since grown into a haven full of parenting stories, housekeeping tips, fashion guides for moms and kids, and mouthwatering food recipes. Kelle Hampton is the perfect place for those who are looking to be entertained, inspired, and educated.

The DIY Mommy

The DIY Mommy is owned and run by award-winning home stylist Christina Dennis. Christina has written for Urban Infant and Alive. She’s also been featured on local TV as a DIY expert and worked with brands, like Intel, Interac, Nokia, Keurig, Sears, Staples, The Brick, and Weight Watchers.

What began a blog for baby crafts is now a huge collection of projects of all kinds, from home decor, to sewing, to recipes, to fashion, to blogging.

The Merrythought

The Merrythought is a place for simple yet attractive and useful DIY projects that make use of inexpensive and natural materials. Blogging partners Caitlin and Manda started the blog in February 2013 after realizing that they could combine their respective niche ideas to create one comprehensive blog.

While Caitlin and Manda’s projects mostly involve house furniture, fixtures, and accessories, they also dabble in food recipes, fashion, and parties.


Blogger Lexy Ward would be the last person to describe herself as proper and perfect, but one can’t say the same thing about her crafts. Lexy is the “craft boss” of Proper; she’s also its founder and editor. Aside from making flawlessly eye-catching and useful DIY projects, Lexy also does recipes and parties. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or a new project to do, Proper has a wealth of DIY crafts for your.

This Little Street

Every person has their own little corner where they like to keep their most favorite things. For blogger Audrey, it’s not so much a corner as it is a virtual street. The Little Street is the place where Audrey gathers all the beautiful and well-made things she finds, which include various items—from art, to home decor, to clothes, to good food, and many more.

The Little Street is a treasure trove of pretty and functional DIY projects that crafters can try for themselves. Looking for inspiration? The blog features many lovely things that are sure to pique your interest and creativity.

320 Sycamore

There’s beauty and charm hidden in every home, and that’s exactly what blogger and home improver Melissa wants to bring out in her projects.

Named after the house of Mary and George from the movie It’s a Wonderful House (also Melissa’s favorite movie), 320 Sycamore is a place where Melissa does her magic to bring out the hidden potential of every dwelling, with limited resources. If you love transformation projects, then this is the place for you.

4 Men 1 Lady

4 Men 1 Lady was a blog created by Michelle Hinckley’s husband as a way to keep their family and friends updated on their lives. But when her husband lost interest (read: got lazy) in running the blog, Michelle learned how to blog and took over the reins.

Now 4 Men 1 Lady is a home improver’s haven, filled with DIY projects to create a beautiful and better home. There are tips, tricks, and guides for freshening worn furniture, repurposing items, creating attractive decorations, and so much more.

Under the Sycamore/Ashley Ann Photography

Every person needs a creative outlet. It helps you decompress after a stressful day or week. It keeps your brain sharp and your spirits high. For Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore, creativity may as well be a basic need.

She finds her outlet in making her own home DIY projects, which she shares in Under the Sycamore. Readers will find unique do-it-yourself ideas for home decoration, interior design, crafts, parties, and holidays. The blog also features Ashley’s photography and expert tips on taking taking the best photos.

Brett Bara

You can’t talk about DIY without talking about the founder of Brooklyn Craft Company, Emmy-nominated Brett Bara. She is a well-known expert in the world of craft and DIY, the author of Sewing in a Straight Line, and a columnist at Design Sponge. Her works have appeared The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, The Associated Press, and

You don’t have to go far to check out her work. Brett’s self-named blog is filled with awesome DIY how-tos, design inspirations, and craft ideas. It also includes recipes of delicious desserts and beverages.

iHeart Organizing

Aside from running her own award-winning blog, Jen Jones is a contributor at Redbook magazine and a self-professed organizing fanatic and DIY lover. Jen’s blog, iHeart Organizing, is an abundant resource for anything about family, home, and life.

Jen is forever looking for ways to enhance the beauty and organization a place. She comes up with the most amazing hacks and DIY projects for organizing different things, from clothes, to school supplies, to holiday decorations, and many more. If you want to create a neater, more organized space, iHeart Organizing has all the tips and tricks for you.

Edie Wadsworth/Life in Grace

Life in Grace is more than just a DIY blog. In fact, DIY is only one of the things that blogger Edie Wadsworth covers in her website. Edie’s blog is dedicated to building a well-developed life, from the physical to the spiritual aspects of a person.

Readers can access an incredible number of helpful resources on health, beauty, faith, homemaking, family, and work, among several awesome DIY ideas and creative projects.

Lines Across

When you’re out of fresh ideas to beautify your home, you can go to Lines Across to check out Rachel Hinderliter’s fun and creative craft projects. A word of warning: they may involve making a mess, but the cleanup will be worth it.

With her love for bright colors and geometric shapes, Rachel comes up with eye-catching and stylish projects that can lend life to any room. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty (with paint, colors, glitters), then Lines Across has the perfect crafts for you.

Monica Wants It

“Everyone can dwell beautifully,” says DIY expert Monica Benavidez. Monica has partnered with many major brands, including Better Homes & Gardens, HomeGoods, the Home Depot, M&M’s, True Value, and Walmart. Her work has also appeared in Apartment Therapy, Domino, Buzzfeed, HGTV, and more.

Monica loves to go monochromatic on her designs. If you like the black-and-white aesthetic, you’ll find a lot to love in her repository of do-it-yourself projects. But that’s not the only thing you’ll see on Monica Wants It. Her designs also feature metallic colors, floral elements, chinoiserie, and accent colors.

When you want to take a break from your home improvement projects, you can try out Monica’s recipes, read her about health and weight-loss tips, or check out her reviews.

Our Little Beehive

Our Little Beehive is run by a blogger couple that go by the codenames F and S (or F&S, as they write it). They may be secretive about their real names, but they like to show and tell it all when it comes to their DIY projects. F&S don’t call themselves DIY experts just yet, though you would say so otherwise with their skills and precision with power tools. Luckily, they have great mentors—their parents, who have years of experience in their belt (and the glowing achievement of rehabilitating a dilapidated two-hundred-year-old house).

It’s not just home improvement you’ll find in their blog. As F&S enjoy cooking, they love to share their delicious recipes too.

P.S. - I Made This

P.S. - I Made This was founded by a renowned design and style expert, best-selling author Erica Domesek. The lifestyle brand’s mission is “to inspire and empower people around the globe to cultivate their inner creativity and embrace the ever-growing do-it-yourself (DIY) way of life.”

Dubbed by Elle magazine as fashion’s queen of DIY, Erica has been extensively featured in TV shows, magazines, websites, and other publications. Among them are The Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Martha Stewart Show, E! News, The Nate Berkus Show, Elle, Glamour, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Readers will find valuable resources on DIY projects, beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle on her blog that will add beauty not just to their homes and their lives.

The Homesteady

The Homesteady was created by Hannah Clay Wareham as a way to chronicle the moments and the things that have brought happiness to her and her family. Do-it-yourself and creative projects just happen to be some of these things.

Are you handy with a needle and thread? If the answer is yes, you’ll enjoy the many sewing and cloth projects in the blog. See how you can bring out the hidden the potential of your home and create beautiful things from the bare essentials with your sewing kit and some cloth.

The Prairie Homestead

Growing up, Jill Winger had no idea that she would find herself leaving her city life to live in homestead that’s forty-five miles away from the closest store, growing her own vegetables, and building the life she never knew she wanted.

It wasn’t easy building her homestead dreams, but with enough time, hard work, some sacrifices, and her family’s support, Jill was able to achieve it. Now she’s determined to help others reach theirs. From gardening, to raising farm animals, to maintaining your home, Jill teaches you how to create your homestead life one project at a time.

West Street Story

The people behind West Street Story are experts in dealing with the stubborn mess on your carpet and restoring the beautify of a home’s paint, floors, walls, and interior. With these expert tips and tricks, readers can confidently DIY most, if not all, of their carpet and interior troubles. You’ll also find the some exciting downloadables, crafts guides, and tips on decorating on West Street Story.

Addicted 2 DIY

If you find yourself thinking of your next building or creative projects wherever and whenever, you’re very likely already addicted to DIY, just like blogger and do-it-yourself addict Katie Cleveland is. Katie’s far from ashamed of her addiction. In fact, she proudly shares it with her followers in her blog, Addicted 2 DIY.

Addicted 2 DIY has a wealth of projects for avid home improvers and crafters of all skill levels. The blog also offers printable plans, recipes, product recommendations, and season-specific crafts. There’s more than enough material to fuel your DIY addiction for a long time.

Built by Kids

DIY projects are more enjoyable when done with the whole family. They encourage bonding, build closer relationships among family members and friends, and teach the new generation valuable life skills for the future. These are the goals of Built by Kids, a website that provides an incredible number of DIY resources for families and friends.

Looking for the next fun activity to try with your kids? Built by Kids has child-friendly how-to projects for awesome stuff that you can use or display in your home.

Lovely Indeed

Launched in 2010, Lovely Indeed is the place for everyone who loves to create lovely things. It has plenty to offer, from DIY, to style, to food, to travel.

Lovely Indeed was founded by Chelsea Foy, who’s a self-admitted maker of all things lovely. Chelsea is joined by her incredibly creative team: DIY expert Kara Whitten, food gurus Katie Barber and Allie Schubert, and inspired illustrator Isabela Humphrey. Together, these ladies come up with the most awesome projects, style advice, delicious recipes, travel tips and tricks, and lifestyle hacks for their readers.

Studio DIY!

The people at Studio DIY! are experts in making life a party. They’re all about fun, creative, and colorful projects, but they’re not just about DIY. You’ll find delicious recipes, style advice, travel tips, and everything you need to add an exciting twist to life. The company was established in 2011 by Kelly Mindell and is run with a team of talented creatives.

Sugar and Cloth

Sugar and Cloth is valuable resource for DIY and craft projects of all kinds—decorations, furniture, gift ideas, recipes, and outfits, among others. It was created by DIYer and artist Ashley Rose in 2011 as a place to share her creative projects. Year later, it’s grown into a place where many DIYers go to find project ideas, fashion advice, travel tips, many more.

Sweet C’s

Sweet C’s is home to traveler and foodie Courtney O’Dell’s delicious recipes, DIY projects, and travel adventures. Courtney started blogging in 2010 as a hobby and as a way to meet other women with the same interests and talk about how to bring goodness and positivity to every day. Years later, Courtney continues to reach out to readers and share her ways “to make every day extraordinary.”

Tatertots & Jello

Jennifer Hadfields or Jen is passionate about doing creative projects and trying new things. She created Tatertots & Jellos to give a home to her ideas and projects. Now, Jen inspires others to express their creative side with amazing DIY and craft ideas.

Jen loves to share her skills with readers and creates how-to tutorials for making stylish accessories and home decorations and giving rooms and furniture a makeover. Readers also enjoy free printable materials for party and holiday activities and decorations.

Dans le Lakehouse

Tanya Watson is an avid DIYer who has been doing making, painting, and restoring things since she was a teen. Together with her husband, who’s super handy with tools, they’ve renovated their own phone, painted a car, built their own furniture, and done a bunch of DIY projects. Tanya shares them all in Dans le Lakehouse.

Their projects have appeared in many websites and publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, Bob Vila, Buzzfeed, Country Living, Domino, and Elle Decor, among many others.

Farm Fresh Therapy

Coming from family of professional home improvers, Chelsea Mohrman had an early fascination for interiors and practiced her interior styling and DIY skills in their home. Years later, Chelsea has branched out to more creative projects, like home renovation, furniture restoration, fun crafts, and more. She shares all her projects in her blog, Farm Fresh Therapy. Readers will love Chelsea’s beautiful DIY ideas and detailed tutorials.

Chelsea has contributed to several websites and publications, including The Nest, Brit + Co, SheKnows, Homedit. Her works have been featured on CNN, The Farm Chicks, Country Living, Apartment Therapy, HGTV, and many more.

Home Stories A to Z

Home Stories A to Z is run by creative wonder Beth Hunter. Beth is a counselor, but she has always been passionate about designing and creating beautiful things. Her blog is filled with her own DIY projects and tutorials, decorating tips and tricks, design inspirations, the occasional recipe, and many more.

Beth has worked with several brands as their ambassador and/or contributor. These brands include Shaw Floors, Better Homes & Gardens, and Waverly Inspirations, among many others.

Infarrantly Creative

Think twice before throwing out your old furniture and household items. You can give them new life by upcycling and repurposing. That’s exactly what Beckie Farrant does in her blog Infarrantly Creative.

Beckie is a lover of craft and DIY, but she especially to rescue “junk” items and give them a new purpose. Readers will find dozens of easy-to-follow tutorials about restoring, repurposing, and recycling old or damaged things in Beckie’s blog. But that’s not all. Beckie also loves share her delicious recipes and experiments with essential oils.

Sand & Sisal

Kim Wilson is the creative talent behind Sand & Sisal. Kim is an avid DIYer, with a love for coastal aesthetic and design, hence the blog name. She loves to share her work with readers, with the goal to “empower [them] to create beautifully designed space and decor that [they] will be proud of.” Readers will find valuable guides, tips, and tricks on DIY, decorating, cooking, and gardening on Sand and Sisal.

Paper and Stitches

Paper and Stitches was founded by artist and stylist Brittini Mehlhoff in 2008 to create a space for all her inspirations. She left her job as an art teacher and pursue her creative projects and run her blog full-time. Paper and Stitches is now home to dozens of DIY content made by Brittini. You’ll find anything from home decoration, to fashion, to accessories in her blog. Brittini also shares her travel guides, recipes, and design inspirations.

Shrimp Salad Circus

Every person has a creative side, and Lindsay Ponta has made it her mission in Shrimp Salad Circus to inspire those who think otherwise. Lindsay is passionate about her DIY, hand lettering, cooking, baking, and photography. She loves to talk about them in her blog. She’s also dedicated to teaching how to create home decorations, furniture, accessories, costumes, and many more. Readers love her IKEA hacks and home makeover tips and tricks.

The House of Smiths

Shelley Smith started The House of Smiths eleven years ago to find other women who share her passion for the things they love. Now, the blog has grown into a reflection of the Smith's house, filled with the things she’s lovingly created for her family and home.

Shelley enjoys anything related to home decoration and beauty, and her blog shows it well. Readers will find a variety of home improvement DIY tutorials, from painting wooden walls to making your own household accessories. She also likes to drop the occasional mouthwatering recipes.

SF Girl by Bay

Who wouldn’t want to live in a chic, well-designed home? As much as we’d like to live in one, not everyone has design sense and expertise to create the home interior of their dreams. That’s why SF Girl by Bay is here to show you that you don’t need be an artist or a stylist to transform an average house to a beautiful space.

SF Girl by Bay was created by Victoria Smith, author of See San Francisco, blogger, photographer, and one of the original “pinfluencers” at Pinterest. Her blog has been fueling design inspirations since 2006, and Victoria herself has been showing readers how to create the space they want for just as long.

If you’re looking for content that will help boost your creativity and train your design sense, you are in the right place.

The DIY Village

The DIY Village is to blogger and DIY couple Jacque and Matt’s never-ending to-do list. It’s also the place where they share their finished projects with family, friends, and anyone who happens by their blog, which they created in 2011. Years later, The DIY Village is a favorite among DIYers who are looking for creative ideas and new projects to try. There are dozens of home and holiday decor ideas, how-to guides to restoring furniture and fixtures, and design inspirations for avid home improvers.

Hi Sugarplum!

Hi Sugarplum! is run by Dallas lifestyle blogger and lover of DIY and design Cassie Freeman. Cassie has a self-admitted obsession for creative projects, including room makeovers and wardrobe creation. She loves to share these on her blog and more. Cassie’s blog is a one-stop shop for amazing DIY ideas, design inspirations, lifestyle tips, and fashion advice.

Cassie Freeman is also a for contributor Martha Stewart and The Home Depot blogs. Her work has been featured in several websites and publications, including The Huffington Post, and Dallas News.

House of the Hepworths

Allison Hepworth started her blog in 2010 as a place to share all her creative projects, from home improvement to food making. Allison had one goal in mind, and that was to help readers “DIY [their] home one awesome project at time.

True to her goal, House of the Hepworths has everything you need to turn your home from average to awesome. The blog features many helpful guides for decorating, making repairs, organizing, and renovating your home. But that’s not all. The blog also includes helpful resources on sewing, food making, and lifestyling.

With Heart

Jennifer Stagg, or Jen, is the creative power behind With Heart. Jen is an interior designer and DIY expert. She led a career as a successful news anchor and reporter before deciding to focus on designing and home improvement. She’s remodeled her fourth home and designs for clients.

She shares her work in With Heart to give empower others to embrace the do-it-yourself lifestyle and give them valuable resources, tips, and tricks to pursue their creative projects. Jen also interviews industry professionals, creates video tutorials, and provides detailed guides on DIY projects.

Damask Love

Damask Love was created Amber Kemp-Grestel to connect with others who share the love for crafting and DIY. Amber discovered her love for crafting at an early age, and she hasn’t stopped since then. In 2015, she put her career as a child psychologist to pursue her passion full-time. Her blog provides inspiration and helpful instructions to many readers who want to get into DIY, regardless of their experience level.

Knowing how intimidating DIY can be, Amber has made a goal for her blog to provide content that will inspire and empower all DIYers.

But First, Coffee

Kallie Banciforte is the creative talent behind But First, Coffee. She’s social media personality and a digital team manager at an internet marketing company. Aside from her expertise in Google algorithm and analytics and social media marketing and management, Kallie has a passion for saving time and money. She loves to come up with ways to do both, whether through lifestyle hacks, DIY projects, or others.

But First, Coffee has a wealth of resources for anyone who’s looking to maximize their resources and express their creative talents. If you’re having time juggling all your responsibilities and creative pursuits, this blog may just have the hack for you.

Made in a Day

Made in a Day was created by Kim Purvis in 2011 as a way to share her interest, knowledge, and skills in crafting and DIY. The ideal came to Kim when she was browsing through Pinterest to search for inspiration for home decorations. She realized that she could offer her expertise and ideas to inspire other DIYers like her.

Kim’s blog is now a growing resource of creative ideas, DIY how-tos, craft tutorials, recipes, printables, and more. A self-admitted thrift-store junkie, Kim likes to embark on lots of repurposing and restore items.

Four Generations in One Roof

Four Generation in One Roof was launched in 2011 by designer (and ringleader of the group) Jessica Bruno. The blog name was inspired by the four generations of their family who came to live together under one roof. She and her family, her grandpa, her dad, and her son, embark on many projects around their compound, which she loves to share on the blog.

Jessica posts about the work they do around their home and provides readers helpful advice and instructions on how they can maintain their home. Readers can learn anything, from installing hardwood floors, to utilizing storage space, to reupholstering sofas, to creating centerpieces.

Since her passion lies in interior design, Jessica provides plenty of design inspiration and advice on how to create a beautifully well-designed space. Readers will also find delicious recipes and helpful fashion tips.

Best of This Life

Everyone wants to have the best in life, but how exactly do you get them? Blogger Emily Smith has one answer, “Find joy in every day.” Her goal in creating The Best of This Life is inspire readers to live their life to the fullest, whether through delicious food, family activities, or creative projects. Her blog is filled with ideas for bringing delight to daily life.

The DIY Playbook

The DIY Playbook is run by best friends Casey and Bridget, who share a passion for DIY. They turned to blogging to share their creative projects with their family and friends, and things grew from there. Thus, the blog was born in 2013. Years later, the best friends have never-ending DIY and home improvement to-do list and a collection of finished projects that provide inspiration and instructions to their readers.

Casey and Bridget believe that “DIY is the best medicine.” So they continue to increase their repository of projects, as well as encourage others to embrace the DIY lifestyle. Readers will find a plenty of creative ideas, home improvement guides, life tips, and fashion advice to enjoy in The DIY Playbook.

Remodelings, Renovations, and Restorations

The home may be where the heart it, but the the physical place is just as much part of your home as your family is. These DIY experts have made it their job to build the home they want and fix the problems in it with their own hands.

Brieda with a B

Blog owner Brieda can’t count how many times people have mispronounced her name (or completely got it wrong). She’s always introduced herself as “Brieda with a B.” Now it’s serving well as a quirky blog name that’s filled with character.

Brieda with a B is a haven for those who love to revamp their home without actually getting new furniture. Brieda is an expert in transforming old furniture into new-looking pieces and new furniture into tastefully vintage ones. And she’s happy to share all her DIY secrets to her readers.

Centsational Style

A beautiful home can be achieved without breaking the bank, and that’s what Kate Riley of Centsational Style teaches her readers. Kate has been renovating, designing, and doing DIY since 2006. She left her job as a lawyer to focus on interior designing,her home improvement projects, and her blog full-time.

Centsational Styles features Kate’s home style portfolio, DIY projects, and travel adventures. Readers love her tutorial guides with detailed instructions and beautiful photos.

It’s Great to Be Home

Liz, blog owner of It’s Great to Be Home, calls herself a “serial home improver.” She’s been remodeling and renovating homes since 2009. Liz left her a job as an attorney to focus on flipping homes with her husband. Her blog features all of their ten flips and two rentals, but she’s hardly stopped there.

The blog also contains Liz’s DIY projects, culinary adventures, parenting stories, Saturday lookbook, and so much more. For those who are looking to improve their homes one step at a time, It’s Great to Be Home gives detailed guides for do-it-yourself projects.

Little Green Book

Apartment Therapy Homies Award–winning Little Green Book is run by accomplished interior designer Jenny Komeda. Her works have appeared House Beautiful, HGTV, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal, among many industry giants. Jenny also runs her own design business, Juniper Studio, where she and her team remodel and reinvent different spaces for clients.

In Little Green Book, Jenny gifts her readers with amazing DIY projects that will transform any home. She also shares expert tips to create beautiful, Pinterest-worthy accessories, art, furniture, fixtures, and more. Jenny also gives her product recommendations, design inspirations, and many more.

Migonis Home

Migonis Home began as an outlet for Jen Migonis after the birth of her first child seven years ago. Now it has become a haven for both Jen and her readers, who love to try their hand at improving their homes and read stories about Jen’s family.

The blog features Jen’s complete makeover of their family home—from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the bedroom—and step-by-step guides of her DIY projects. If you want to take a break from home improvement, you try out Jen’s recipes for pastries, soups, salad, and more.

17 Apart

Don’t throw away your faded furniture yet. There’s still hope for them. Aged furniture and vintage items are right up Mary Vidra and Tim Vidra’s Alley.

The couple describe themselves “native do-it-yourselfers by nature.” They’re also the duo behind the awesome blog 17 Apart. The partners are in perpetual search for sustainable ways of living, which reflects in the passions and projects they pursue.

They frequent auctions and flea markets, hunting for vintage items to rescue and repurpose and share these stories with their readers online. Mary and Tim’s works have appeared in Country Living, Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, and Reddit.

Brooklyn Limestone

Blogger Stephanie began Brooklyn Limestone to chronicle the renovation of their over-a-century-old limestone home in Brooklyn, New York. Just like how their home grew, the blog also developed into a place where Stephanie shares her own DIY projects, favorite design works, and travel diary.

Do-it-yourself home improvers will find awesome ideas for decorating the home, transforming old items and furniture, and repurposing old stuff.


Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Blogger Dana Miller had planned to lead a steady job as a pharmacist, but life had other plans for her. Now, she’s an IKEA brand ambassador and runs House*Tweaking, one of the top home DIY blogs on the web.

After moving into a run-down 1950s ranch (they called it the Underdog), Dana and her husband spent three years flipping the whole place from ceiling to floor. She has chronicled the whole project in her blog. If you’re looking for inspiration for your home renovation or for your next DIY project, House*Tweaking has several resources for you.

Lansdowne Life

Launched in 2010, Lansdowne Life began as place for Erin Heaton to record the transformation of their near-ancient brick home in Missouri and share her creative projects. But as time passed by, Erin’s projects became more extensive, turning Lansdowne Life into a repository of all kinds of do-it-yourself projects.

If you’re like Erin and can’t resist making things, Lansdowne Life will give you lots of design inspirations and new projects to try.

Our “Fifth” House

If you’re looking to add more personality to your home, Our “Fifth” Home is the place for you. The blogger behind it, Carmel Phillips, may not be a DIY expert, but she’s a specialist in making a home reflect its owners’ personalities. That’s her chief design rule, and it has served her and her family well, from their first to their fifth home, and now their sixth!

Carmel loves playing with colors and mixing patterns, and it certainly shows in her designs. If you’re like Carmel and want to add some fun and personality in your home, her DIY projects are perfect for you to try.

Funky Junk Interiors

The problems with hoarders is that don’t know how to separate junk and useful items. They just collect and collect more stuff until they’re surrounded by a pile of trash. But are the things you see as trash really as useless as you think?

There’s a saying that goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” For upcycling expert Donna, there are very few things that can’t be repurposed or used to create something new, beautiful, and useful. She’s been doing it for years, and she loves to share her work with her readers on Funky Junk Interiors. To hoarders who can’t let go of some stuff, there’s still hope yet for your old and/or damaged favorite items.

Southern Hospitality

Established in 2007, Southern Hospitality is a blog by lover of DIY and home decoration Rhoda Vickers. Rhoda has spent years making unique do-it-yourself projects. She’s renovated her own upper-fixer house in Georgia.

As the name of her blog suggests, Rhoda projects focus on giving every home the unrivaled Southern warmth and happiness. Her how-to guides and tutorials will teach you how to make a house a home.

Purple Patch DIY

Sarah of Purple Patch DIY began crafting at young age, and she’s never really stopped since then. From simple arts and crafts in elementary to collages and book covers in high school, Sarah’s DIY projects have increasingly become more complex.

In Purple Patch DIY, Sarah features all her creative projects, including restoring old furniture, building new pieces, repurposing household items, making holiday crafts, and cooking up delicious recipes. If you’re in love with all these things, you’ll find your fair share of valuable material on Purple Patch DIY.


Emily and her husband, Pete, are avid home improvers and staunch advocates of the do-it-yourself lifestyle. Emily created Merrypad to share what they’ve worked on in their first home to family and friends. As with her love for anything DIY, the blog grew and has now become a repository of Emily’s creative projects, including the jobs she has done for HGTV and the DIY Network.

Miss Mustard Seed

Marian Parsons launched Miss Mustard Seed as a small business and blog that focused on decorative and mural painting, which later expanded to antique selling. Now, the blog has over twenty-three subscribers, and one of their Milk Paint line is now being sold to more than three hundred retail stores in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Their tens of thousands of followers check their blog for amazing DIY projects, furniture makeovers, design inspirations, home tutorials, and art tips and tricks.

Bower Power

Katie Bower and Jeremy Bower are the power couple behind Bower Power. Katie has a passion for decorating, designing, and photography, and Jeremy is a master at power tools and building new things.

With their skills combined, Katie and Jeremy have renovated their own home, made a bunch of beautiful furniture, home decorations, and household things, and remodeled many rooms for others. Katie and Jeremy use their blog to talk about their projects and share valuable tips and tricks for DIY work.

DIY Inspired

DIY Inspired is the place to get your fix of DIY and craft projects of all kinds. Dinah Wulf, the maker behind DIY Inspired, has been DIYing and crafting for years. Her works have been featured in several magazines, including Real Simple and Parents magazine. Dinah has also worked with over fifty brands, including Jo-ann Fabric and Crafts, GMC, and the Home Depot.

Dinah’s favorite things to do are upcycling and repurposing projects. If you’re looking for sustainable DIY ideas, DIY Inspired has tons of things for you to do.

The Handmade Home

Most people dream about their ideal homes. Some spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram, browsing, pinning, and liking photos of their dream house. Jamin and Ashley at The Handmade Home have met many who’ve felt the same way, and they’ve made it their mission to help these people achieve their ideal homes, in the most realistic and attainable ways.

Jamin and Ashley have been professionally rehabilitating, constructing, and designing homes for years. They’ve been named by Country Living as among the nation’s top one hundred most creative people and have worked with brands like Frigidaire, the Home Depot, Martha Stewart, Mr. Clean, Verizon, and many more. At The Homemade Home, their personal mantra is “Stop pining away for the perfect home, and make the house you live in now the one that you love.”

Young House Love

John and Sherry Petershik began their blog in 2006 when they purchased their first home and began to remodel it by themselves. They’ve been hooked since then. They loved DIY so much that they had a do-it-yourself wedding in 2007. Years later, their blog has grown to become a major resource of home improvement projects, from home decorations, renovations, restorations, and DIY furniture, fixtures, and household items.

The couple published their first book on home improvement, which became a New York Times best seller in 2012. They continue to share their latest projects, helpful guides, and DIY tips and tricks on their blog.

Carpentry and Woodworking

You don’t need to be an expert to build the home of your dreams. This list of DIY builders will show you it only needs hard work, patience, perseverance, and the basic power tools to make something out of almost nothing.

Build Basic

Build Basic is run by Jennifer Largesse, or Jenn, a passionate builder, project designer, instructional writer, web series producer, and host. Jenn has worked for This Old House, Fine Homebuilding, and Her projects have appeared in CNN Money, The Huffington Post, and AOL Real Estate, among many others.

In Build Basic, Jenn proves that you don’t need expensive gear and expert training to transform your furniture and create beautiful, new pieces. Home improvement enthusiasts won’t run out of projects to do with new DIY carpentry projects posted every week.

Hooks and Hammers

Every homeowner loves to find ways to save on home remodeling, renovations, and repairs. Hooks and Hammers is here for that. Blog owner Ann is an avid home improver who’s not afraid to do the dirty work and save money. Her personal philosophy? “If there is a way a project can be DIY’D, you bet I will find a way.”

If you’re like Ann and like to do things yourself, check out her blog, which is filled with different DIY guides, from transforming old furniture and fixtures to making new ones from scratch.

Pink Toes and Power Tools

There’s no project that’s too big for Kristen, the woman behind Pink Toes and Power Tools. She’s a self-professed DIY girl who had extensive experience in sewing and interior painting but had just started with woodworking before starting her blog.

Kristen began Pink Toes and Power Tools to encourage herself to start all the home projects she wanted to do. Years later, she has created a project gallery and easy-yet-comprehensive guides of the DIYs she has completed to share with her readers.

Ana White

Ana White began with zero skill and knowledge about woodworking. However, she was a changed woman after she built her first bed with the most basic tools and materials. She hasn’t stopped since then.

Now, Ana is a self-taught carpentry expert, a host at HGTV, and one of the most-followed home DIY bloggers. But Ana has never forgotten her first project and stays true to her design principles: ”Keep it simple, maximize materials use, and minimize waste, and use basic tools.”

Knowing how difficult it is to build from scratch, Ana helps home DIYers with detailed plans and guides for building furniture, fixtures, and accessories to improve one’s home.

Lady Goats

Not everyone has the cash to spare on new furniture, so if you can’t afford it, why not make it yourself? Gina at Lady Goats gives detailed guides—including plans, materials, measurements, and walkthroughs—to build different pieces of furniture, from organizers, to tables, to island grills.

Like her friend and another DIY expert, Ana White, Gina is driven by her passion to create. Her blog is not just about making useful furniture; it’s simply about making and utilizing every scrap of wood and materials.

Prodigal Pieces

You don’t need a big budget to create the home you want with furniture that speaks about your taste and personality. All you have to do is to be creative and resourceful. If you’re having trouble with both, Larissa of Prodigal Pieces will help you transform your house into your home without the expensive contractors.

In her project gallery, you will find numerous resources on how to restore, to repurpose, and to upcycle your old household items. Larissa’s easy-to-follow guides and tutorials will teach you to reinvent your space and to build the home that’s fit for you.

Sawdust 2 Stitches

Sawdust 2 Stitches is home to all of DIY expert Corey Decker’s creative projects, from home decorations, to room makeovers, to furniture restorations, to crafts.

Since their family moved into their first home, Corey has had a never-ending to-do list to build the perfect home for their family. She started Sawdust 2 Stitches to catalog the projects she has crossed off her list and share them with other DIYers and crafters for inspiration.

Sawdust Girl

Sandra Powell is Sawdust Girl for a good reason (aside from being covered in sawdust most of the time). She has been a professional builder and designer for over fifteen years and has independently remodeled all the five homes she’s lived in. Sandra also helps clients with their own construction projects and mentors other DIY bloggers.

Sandra started blogging about her projects when she and her family moved into their Illinois home. In Sawdust Girl, she treats readers to the tricks she’s learned in the trade after years of building and designing. Readers will find an incredible number of resources about woodworking, remodeling, tools, products, DIY ideas, design inspirations, and many more.

The Created Home

Some people are born to create; Sarah of The Created Home is one of them. She has been building for years and flips homes for a living with her husband. Sarah enjoys making things from scratch and bringing out the beauty of things and places, and she loves to share how she does these things with her readers.

Sarah gives tutorials that teach you how to design and to create beautiful and functional pieces, revamp old furniture, give a room a makeover, and many more.

Anika’s DIY Life

You don’t need to be an expert to do DIY. That’s what Anika Gandhi teaches in Anika’s DIY Life. Growing up, Anika loved making cards and crafts, but she never dabbled in woodworking or learned how to use a hammer and a saw.

She was inspired by self-taught DIY expert Ana White to begin building and created her first furniture, a small table for her daughter. Years later, Anika has built may pieces and is inspiring others to embrace the DIY life. Anika has easy-to-follow guides and tutorials to create furniture and other pieces for all skill levels.

Stacy Risenmay Not Just a Housewife

Stacy Risenmay believes that created her blog, Stacy Risenmay Not Just a Housewife, to document the renovation of their small 1938 cottage home. Stacy believes in loving the home you’re in, and if you don’t, you have to make it into a place you’ll love.

Stacy has always loved design since she was young. As an adult, she designs and decorates her family home and refinish their furniture. She shares all her creative projects on her blog and teaches her readers how to create their own decorations, furniture, and household items with step-by-step DIY guides.

One Project Closer

Is it possible to create the home of your dreams without professional contractors? One Project Closer is show you how it can be done. The blog is an endless resource of helpful guides on DIY home improvement, renovation, and more.

From the bathroom to the bedroom, the experts at One Project Closer will teach you how to build every piece of your ideal home. They’ll also tell readers what the best tools are to use for home improvement projects.

The Handyman’s Daughter

Self-admitted home improvement addict Vineta Jackson created The Handyman’s Daughter to share how she made their DIY TARDIS door. Vineta couldn’t get enough of making and transforming things, and she enjoyed inspiring others and helping them express their creativity and harness their skills in DIY. Thus, The Handyman’s Daughter continued to grow as with her completed projects and followers.

Vineta is passionate about DIY and interior design. She loves to share her projects with readers and give them step-by-step guides to re-create her home projects. If you just can’t put down your DIY tools, The Handyman’s Daughter has a wide selection of projects you can try out.

Community Blog

No one was born a god or goddess of DIY. It takes practice to be an expert. Sometimes, it takes failure to get something perfect the second, third, fourth, the nth time around. These DIYers will show that it’s perfectly all right to fail as long as you don’t stop trying.


Ever failed so badly on a project that you were ashamed to show it to anyone? Well, CraftFail is here to show that it’s perfectly all right to fail at crafts—and share them with others.

CraftFail was founded by Heather Mann, who wanted to share her botched crafts and let others share theirs as well, not to critique these failures but to celebrate the crafters’ hard work and creativity. If you’re looking for perfect DIY crafts, you won’t find them here. But you’ll enjoy browsing through all the craft fails and, perhaps, get the inspiration to try your own DIY.


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