Pumped Toilets

Pumped Toilet Systems for Basement Bathrooms

Installing a toilet in the bathroom can be a major challenge. Because basement bathroom toilet systems frequently require new plumbing, they can cost thousands and thousands of dollars to install. This leaves many people wondering what their other options are, and if there even are any. Luckily, the answer is yes.


One of the best alternative options is a pumped toilet system.


Popular in older construction, where turning a closet or other small nook into a bathroom is typically one of the only ways to get a full bath upstairs or downstairs, or homes that simply don’t have the space or budget to install additional plumbing, pumped toilet systems are functional, affordable, and perfect for a variety of plumbing needs.


Here are a few of the pros of pumped toilet systems:


  • No new plumbing. Unile traditional toilets, pumped toilet systems sit atop the concrete of your basement. This allows you to install a new bathroom without adding new plumbing.
  • Cost-effective. Pumped toilets are affordable and may even be less expensive than traditional toilets.
  • Attractive. While many people imagine pumped toilets will look different from standard toilets, this isn’t true. The only difference is the pump, which can be hidden behind a wall if you’d rather not look at it.


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