Toilets Without Plumbing

What Are Your Options for Toilets Without Plumbing?

Looking for a toilet without plumbing?


You’ll be pleased to know that you have a few options. While most people are familiar with standard toilets - those with pipes and plumbing that runs into the floor and flushes waste the old-fashioned way, many toilets come without the complication of plumbing.


Ideal for tiny homes, off-grid spaces, or even remodels in places where you don’t want to spend thousands on ripping up plumbing and starting over, these toilets are cost-effective and convenient.


Here are a few options to consider:


  • Composting Toilets. A composting toilet is the original toilet without plumbing. Designed to compost waste in a hygienic and environmentally-friendly fashion, these toilets are popular in both homes and outbuildings.
  • Upflush Toilets. If you’d rather stay closer to traditional plumbing but don’t want to install pipes, an upflush toilet could be the way to go. Another version of a toilet without plumbing, upflush toilets use a macerator pump to move waste up, against gravity. Because of this, they attach easily to your home’s main plumbing stack and don’t require any additional plumbing or demolition.


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